V1 Explanation of V Speeds by Merryface. V1 vr rotate

Hey guys I'm Tarik Merryface and welcome to the first video of this short series. I'll be presenting to you one v speed per episode, in the hope that it helps you understand what they mean. Today we'll be talking about V1. V1 is a short hand name for engine failure recognition speed. This is the airspeed after which an aircraft must take off even if an engine fails. That is to say, a take off can be aborted before V1 for whatever reason, but not after take off, even if the reason is as critical as an engine failure. V1 is the maximum speed at which a pilot may take action in order to abort a take off. Determination of V1 depends on several factors. V1 ultimately takes into account what is known as the accelerate stop distance. This is the distance the aircraft travels on the ground from a stationary position to a full stop after an aborted take off. Obviously the accelerate stop distance cannot exceed the length of the runway. Therefore to calculate V1 runway slope and and length are taken into account. V1 may be the same as rotation speed Vr and or the minimum safety take off speed V2, but it will never be less than Vr or V2. Well that's it for today. Thanks for watching, make sure to subscribe if you liked this video and check out my website, www.merryfaceaviation.com I'll see you guys next time, Happy flying! Merryface Aviation is a Youtube Channel with various aviation related videos. The main themes on this channel are: Flight Training Plane Spotting Aviation Related Tutorials Mayday Talk Answers to general aviation question The main theme of this channel is Mayday Talk. This channel is still in development as I'm in the middle of studying two courses (including my personal pilot training) and as for now there is no regular uploading schedule. Website: Therein Blog: Therein Facebook: Therein twitter: About here #Aviation